Business Coaching for Structure that Enables Clarity, Accountability & Communication

Your business journey must have a destination, a clear path to get there, and specific roles for each team member. A business coach can help you turn those concepts into reality and use them to fulfil your vision.

Discover how a coach can help your business.

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Aim for Breakthroughs,
Avoid Burnouts

Your passion can push you far but stretching yourself 24/7 can stress you out. Performing tasks left and right can feel like winning, but doing everything yourself can lead to burnout. To prioritise better and manage more effectively, your business needs improved communication, increased clarity and clearcut accountability. That is where Your2IC can step in – as your business coach, fractional integrator, and general manager on-demand.


Improved Communication




Clearcut Accountability

Your Dependable Business Coaching Ally

With an extensive background helping small and family-run businesses with their structure operations and general management, Your2IC can work with you to unlock valuable insights, and help you achieve your goals.

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Have a Vision Without a Clear Path?

Gain clarity and inspire your team members with a roadmap. Ensure they know where they're going, how to get there, and what they need to do.


Tired of Wearing Multiple Hats?

Establish accountability and identify responsibilities within the team through strategic scorecards.


Are Processes Falling Down or Non-Existent?

Encourage and enhance communication to improve and streamline your operations.

The Extra Pair of Hands You’ve Been Crying Out For

Fractional Integrator

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution – toward business goals and growth. Your2IC can help:

  • Hold the organisation together
  • Remove barriers for the team
  • Execute on the business plan

General Manager On-Demand

Sometimes all you really need is an extra pair of hands to just 'get stuff done'. Let Your2IC lean in so you can:

  • Gain back time to spend on higher priority tasks
  • Focus on client relationships and sales
  • Create the headspace to focus on the bigger picture

You'll also have the added benefit of an external viewpoint that can bring clarity to varying issues and projects.

Your Pathway to Success

A good road trip has a great car, an expert navigator, and the best planned route, with pit stops along the way… but without the destination, you'd just be driving aimlessly in circles or where the road leads. This is where we help remind you, or help you define your business goals (your destinations) and communicate them to all who are on board (your staff), so everybody knows where we are going and how we can get there.


Communicate clearly


Assess & update processes


Ensure everyone’s on the same page


Monitor business Goals



To ensure that your people are playing to their unique strengths, Your2IC will objectively review the functions of the business and the roles of the leadership team.

The external point of view allows us to remain unemotional – and not get caught in internal relationships (e.g., family, marriages, friendships). At the same time, we can remain at arm’s length – bringing you a unique view often lost on business owners and leadership teams.

What you can measure, you can manage. This is why we will help you define, create, and manage your company scorecard. The goal is to empower you to measure the important areas of the business and bring focus to those areas that are not performing.

We can assist you and your leadership team in defining the destination of your business, and then in effectively communicating that to the broader staff. This enables your business to be better positioned to achieve the desired culture and the outcomes required for your business to succeed.

“We have always done it that way” does not work anymore.

Your2IC will challenge you to review all areas of your business, as painful as that may be. This will allow you to:

  • Carefully scrutinise every business process
  • Review and update processes with the relevant team members present
  • Communicate to relevant staff and ensure that they follow the processes
  • Address the key person risk and help set up contingencies

Technology is the enabler, not an anchor. Your2IC can help your business in utilising technology that can:

  • Provide the pathway to traction in the business
  • Help elevate the business in the right direction

We're Ready to Help You

We’d love to discuss how to overcome your challenges and achieve your business goals. Drop us a line to arrange a call or a coffee.

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Our Values, Our Goal: To Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

We have open and honest relationships with our clients (trust & communication), which allows us to push them from their comfort zones (challenging clarity).

By holding them to their own values (accountability), we can guide them (coaching) to achieve their goals.

Imagine what this could mean to you and your business. Are you ready to take your business needs and take it to the next level?

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A Diversity of Clients Helps Us
Understand You Better

We work with clients with a broad variety of industries, including:

The experiences and skillsets we gain from diverse sectors enable us to have a wider perspective to every business’ situation. Also, we can apply our industry-agnostic strategies to any business regardless of industry.


Doing Good Things with Good People

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC acted as a true member of our organisation. Through all of the different interactions that we had, it felt as though a member of the executive operations team was stepping in to help us expand upon all of the great things we were doing as well as address blindspots.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC took the time to get to know our particular business and tailored their approach specific to our needs.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC offered solutions and is action- and results-orientated.”

Dave Hamilton

“We know our numbers far clearer now, which allow us to make far more calculated decisions – and gave everyone involved a lot more confidence in the business.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC helped Encoo set a clear vision, goals, and values – which brought great impact to the business, across both the day-to-day functions as well as in leadership strategy and decision making.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC has been a fantastic mediator, always able to get our directors back on track, focused and aligned our core values. They are incredibly motivated and passionate, and bring so much energy to our meetings.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC has a mature and well-thought-out process for looking at our business and processes. They have been highly effective at identifying the issues that needed attention, and processes for constant re-evaluation.”

Dave Hamilton

“Your2IC helped us develop and implement operational/administrative structure in the business, enabling key people to focus on what they are good at and provide clear direction down the ladder.”

Going the Extra Mile

Your2IC has a wide range of partners in our ecosystem to ensure we can engage relevant subject matter experts as required, through Your2IC or introduced as a long-term partner to your business. Some of our partners include:

  • IT Services & Cyber Security Specialists
  • Human Resources Experts
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Campaigns Specialists
  • Law Firms
  • Accountants
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